3 Steps to Standing Out

Has anyone ever given you a business card and it had a @gmail.com, @comcast.net, and/or  @outlook.net as their email address?

Have you ever then wondered is this person really a professional?

I have, and see business cards like this all the time.

I also get asked a how to get started, like really the 1st step.  For many its branding your self or your business.

Branding = Standing Out

When would like now be a good time to get rid of the @gmail.com or @comcast.net or @outlook.net email address that is just like everyone else and blow up your brand!

In this post you will discover exactly how to Blow Up Your Brand

First , brand yourself as an expert with a branded email by securing a domain name which we can also use as an an authority blog or website? Just like the Full Time Mom site you are on.

I have been using HostGator for over 3 years and absolutely love them, it’s like having a technology department available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ok confession time, someone hacked my website and put some X rated graphic images on my website! AHHH!!! It was a nightmare and I really thought I had a huge problem, the best part of HostGator is that they are available 24/7. So….. I called them at 1 am to get this problem FIXED, and they did.

This is the type of support you will need to protect your brand and most importantly your sanity.

Remember when you take a leap of faith to get your message out there, the enemy is on it’s prowl ready to attack, who do you have on your team to help and support you?

 We use Hostgator and suggest you do too.

Yes, can you believe it it has been 3 years that Full Time Mom is up and running, we have been thru many changes and stages.

Now you want to share your message, have a voice, and start blogging. Have yourself branded so others can look at you as an expert in that area you aStandout2re passionate about, and you want to have a technology department (your hosting) that you can totally lean on if you need back end support!

So here are your 3 steps to getting started online….

1.Secure a domain which means name.com example is fulltimemom.org  (You can also get this through Hostgator and the link below)

2. Setup & get a branded email address ((not only will you look professional it has many other benefits we haven’t yet talked about))

3. Get hosting- through HostGator.

Bonus Tip…… 4. Install a WordPress & a WordPress theme, this will instantly allow you to OWN your Blog &/or Website!

In order to Blow Up Your Brand with the 3 Steps to Getting Started Online,

Click below and Get Started with a Baby Account

Cheers to you and your new personal or business brand.

My highest recommendation, Click below to get started…

Note: We are affiliates of link above.  If you purchase something know that I will make small commission at no additional cost to you and it goes to being able to find new resources for you.

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