Top Ten Ways Mom’s Achieve Balance Balance in a Mom’s World.

Balance FTMAhhhhhhh, balance. What does that look like? I am sure that it’s different for each of us.

For me, it’s when everything is wildly crazy around me, but the chaos isn’t distracting because everything is as it should be- in motion and routine. When something is off-routine, that’s when the wild craze becomes out of sync and the harmonic buzz of life gets out of tune!

For some Mom’s, balance looks very different, I realize that. However, I believe that we all look for balance and a way to feel on top of things or at least look pulled together in the same ways.

Top Ten Ways Mom’s Achieve Balance

  1. Talk to other mom’s, especially mom’s that are a few years ahead of you.
  2. Search online- “pin” anything on the topic and save it for later.
  3. Read an article and try out a new strategy.
  4. Ask your own mom or another mom figure for advice.
  5. Say “No” to something-or a few things.
  6. Read a book, tell your friends about it. Try out something from the book.
  7. Realize you never went back to read those “pins” you saved for later.
  8. Meditate, go to yoga, workout, or take a walk
  9. Fill up your own cup- make time for YOU.
  10. None of the above, put your kids to bed and have a glass of wine.

I use #1 and #10 the most from that list. I am NOT an expert on balance. However, I try really hard to be happy with the craziness around me. As a wife and mom of three active kids, it’s tough to feel like I’ve got it all under control, especially when working and trying to make time for me.

Balancing my jobs takes a bit of a backseat when trying to keep up with my kids, my husband, our dog, and the upkeep of our home. There are days when that is really frustrating and other days when I say thank you to my God for blessing me with this crazy, messy life.

I am fortunate to have healthy kids, work I love, a super husband that happens to be my best friend, and the ability to provide our family what they need. Don’t get me wrong, I get annoyed when my kids need to be in three different places at the same time or when they don’t put their cereal bowls in the sink, but then I think “my kids are alive and made that mess” and frankly, I am glad for that.

This saying rings truer each year, “The days are long, but the years are short.” One day, they’ll be gone and I will wish that I had someone to clean up after. However, today I relish in the messes my kids make, while grumbling under my breath that they never listen. Now, if that’s not balance, I don’t know what is!

Whatever you need to do to find balance, do it with a grateful heart. Only you know what you need. Seek out advice if needed or read an article, but whatever you do be kind to yourself. You are doing the BEST that YOU can do. And frankly, so is everyone else! To truly find balance you have to be ok with being happy in the mess. Tip the scales in your favor today, fall in love with your messy but beautiful life!
There are no happy accidents.


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  1. Cheryl
    2 years ago

    Very interesting reading and oh so true!!
    You have to enjoy all aspects if life. Great
    Writing Kim

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