One Little Change can make a difference!

When you put on a little lipstick or a new t-shirt, doesn’t it feel good? Just one little change can truly break you or make you! What I mean by that is, by putting the new shirt on or that lipstick you can really feel like a million bucks! I get it, it may not be much, but by allowing yourself a little “me” time before you walk out that door it will allow you to feel contributed to, on your own! As mom’s I really believe that we should take that extra 2 minutes to do a little something for us so we don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by all the doing!

Today’s guest was great! she is a professional Image consultant, and went over some good points,

Thinking outside the box
Vibrations- how that can be applied to your thinking
Changing one or two shirts colors can give you a whole different attitude
We also went thru some great resources so you can save a dollar or two on the HOTTEST fashion!

Our special Guest: Phyllis Benstein, Now to Wow! 

CEO TranSPAmation, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Image Consultant

Leading and empowering others to unleash their personal power,show up in style, and confidently own phyllismetheir space

Phyllis Benstein’s mission is to serve others by helping them transform on the inside, step into their greatness, and out with confidence and a personal image that fits their personality, lifestyle and environment.  Phyllis combines 30 years of experience from Modeling, Make- up Artist, Electrical Engineering, Program Management, Mom, and Entrepreneur to create her transformational Image company TranSPAmation.  She connects with those who want to be organized, confident, stylish and successful through embracing who they are. Phyllis helps men and women take their business or careers to the next level combined with their fashion and image to create their own signature style. Her clients are enhanced from her expertise with a new total business to image package and ready to be unstoppable!  As she sys “Elevate Your Image and Elevate Your Paycheck!”

Info on her event is below:

Join us and be part of a community and evening connecting , collaborating, educating, and supporting those in image, to those interested in their Image . 

At Elevate Your Image…Elevate Your Paycheck!

-Are your business and personal image in Alignment?
            When you look good, you feel good, and your confidence level rises.
-Up your image, up your game, and up your frequency.
            Start attracting others vibrating in your desired space and target audience.
-Panel of industry and Image Experts to provide cutting edge  seasonal information.
            Make-up artist consultations available. 
You only get one chance to make that lasting first impression. 

Click below to register for the Event!


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