Another Day…

by Blog Director: Blanca Olivares

Another day,  Another list of things to do. Isn’t that the life of a mother, especially  a mom managing a blended family??

It seems as if nothing is ever done, but in reality A LOT was done. Even if it was “clean” for 5 minutes only. :)

As if the our days were not “full” enough, I really wanted my children involved this year, so I asked them if  they wanted to join Cheer leading (for Gaby) and Football (for Junior).

I believed that it would teach them discipline, how to be better team players,  and most importantly keep them from all these distractions! Electronics, Phone, iPad, and Facebook! 

Upon arriving, I did not fully understand  or was aware how committed these parents were  when it came to their children and the activities they were in. Nor did I realize how much three days of Practice would completely throw our schedules off.

Here let me tell you briefly about how our evenings run.

The children get home from school, eat a tiny snack, and do homework. Meanwhile, I prepare dinner for them to have something in their stomach. We eat, and off we go to be at practice at 6:00pm. Now the fun begins, Practice is a lovely two hours in which most of the time I’m running after my two year old and let me tell you, he is not sure if he wants to cheer or play football. LOL  . Running from the bees or getting eaten by mosquito’s are also a great way to pass time. Finally, we head home at 8:00pm to have any more snack needed, shower, and bed time.

However now, My children are asking for a “break”… they need to “relax”. Although, I am happy they have both taken new challenges on and consistency is important, I totally understand the “break” they need is needed. My kids went from being in bed by 8:00pm, M-F too being in bed 9ish on practice days. They definitely do not pout about having to go to bed anymore and that’s GREAT for me.

The only stressful part of this all is in the last two weeks I have shelled out $250 as a fee, $52 for uniform, and $50 for a box of chocolates that we had to sell (delicious almond and caramel chocolate). Let’s keep in mind that this was only Cheer leading, for football we are at about the same except my boy has to sell cups. It’s an awesome thing that we have a ton of extended family Ha ha ha. 

Our fist game is this Saturday. I have to prepare myself by running to the library tomorrow morning to get a book that gives me the 411 on football. I know NOTHING about football!!!!! I refuse to be the lost parent on Saturday. I have ordered my “Mother Cheer leading Spirit” jacket (aka $32) and I do not regret it. I believe every cent that has been spent so far has been well spent. My kids are learning about dedication, commitment, accountability, and most importantly they are having fun!

I will leave you with his quote its one of my favorites. Blanca
“Without my children my house would be clean and my wallet would be full but my HEART would be empty”

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