Things You Can Only Truly Appreciate After You Have Kids

Life is full of simple pleasures: rainbows, a beautiful sunset, the beach, flowers in Spring and so forth. But there are other simple pleasures that you can only truly appreciate after you have had kids.


Here are just a few…

1. Going to the grocery store/Target ALONE! This is literally better than winning the lottery. Nobody can understand the feeling of freedom that every parent has when he or she steps into a grocery store or Target all by him/herself. Luxuriating in the peace and quiet as you calmly stroll up and down every aisle of the store, reading every label, stopping to look at anything and everything you want. And if you happen to go at a time when they are sampling wine … you have just hit the Mega Million! Cheers!

2. Sleeping In. This one is a little harder for non-parents to understand because of course, everyone likes to sleep in; however, there is no better feeling than knowing that you can lay in your bed as long as you want without the threat of interruption by a whining, hungry child who needs you for something. To just lie there and fall in and out of sleep for as long as you can is amazing!

3.  Having a clean car. Before you have kids, you have no concept of what a dirty car looks like! The other day some friends of ours who do not yet have children rode in our car. By our standards, the car was immaculate. But I could tell by the looks on their faces that they would not have agreed. There was milk splattered on the door handle and bits of goldfish crackers in the seams of the seat. Random toys and cups on the floor. The window shade was bent and torn a little. Plus there is just a general stickiness that is always there no matter how many times the car gets clean. To a non-parents this car was trashed, but to a parent it was pristine.

4. Privacy. This one is funny because I realize that in a few years, I will be the one encroaching on my children’s privacy – but for now, I’d just like to be able to take a shower, go to the bathroom, change my clothes, or do pretty much anything without at least one child joining me. Usually it’s to inform me that one of their siblings has done something wrong or that their game has run out of batteries. And I have to explain to them for the 100th time that I can’t change batteries while in the shower. And if it isn’t the kids joining me, it’s the dog who is also trying to steal a few minutes of peace and calm.

So, to all my friends without children – enjoy your peace and quiet. And if you ever see me at Target by myself – just smile and keep walking. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Today, I am enjoying my alone time.

Love and Light – Emily

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  1. Francielle Daly, Full TIme Mom
    2 years ago

    so great!

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