8 Advantages of An Age Gap

When my daughter was born, I was in love. I knew that we would have another child.  Had I gotten pregnant right away, I could’ve had kids crazy close in age. I would be in a mental hospital, because I there is no way I could have stayed sane, lol!sibling

I’m sure there are great things about having kids close in age, like the way they play together.  It just looks way too hard.  Two times the diapers, two times the tantrums.  Two glasses of wine needed for Mom.

I’m so glad my kids are four years apart. Some people say they are too far apart to become BFF’s, but I disagree.  Some siblings hate each other and are close in age.  I don’t know what will happen in the future. Until then, I’m enjoying these amazing advantages of the four year age gap.

  1. Preschool– Since my daughter is in school five mornings a week, I have time alone with my son and I love it.  The first half of the day is quiet and calm.  When she comes home, it’s more chaotic.  If I didn’t have a break, I would be stressed.
  2. Sleepovers– At age 5, my daughter can spend the night with grandma or her best friend’s house.  This allows me time with the baby and of course, time to myself.
  3. Baby Safety– It’s great that my daughter can understand the baby rules: Be gentle, don’t walk around with him and no fingers on his face.  I’d say she follows them 60% of the time. At least I know that she would never purposely hurt him, though sometimes she smothers him with affection.
  4. Baby Love– My 5 year old adores her baby brother.  The first time she held him in the hospital she was singing and rocking him.
  5. My helper– Big sister can assist me by getting diapers and wipes, holding the baby on the couch and giving him his bottle. When Doc McStuffins comes on, she can’t be bothered.
  6. Less Gear– I was able to reuse my daughter’s crib, height chair, swing and bouncer. There is no need for a double stroller. Big sister would rather push him.
  7. Being themselves– My Kids won’t attend high school at the same time.  They will hopefully have their own identities.
  8. A slowly emptying nest- When my daughter leaves for college, my son will just be starting high school.  I know I will miss her so much. I hope having him at home will help me feel better.


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