7 Things my First 5 Months of Motherhood Has Taught Me

By: Kayleen Kriner

Being a mother has many ups and downs. For us new moms it can take some getting used to and a whole lot of practice. Motherhood has made me a little crazy, and I’ve learned that “Mom Brain” is a real thing (the other day I put ice in my mac and cheese instead of my drink!), but it is the best rollercoaster I have ever been on. Today I celebrate keeping my kid alive for 5 months! As I lay snuggled up with him on my chest, breathing in his sweet baby scent, and listening to his soft, little breaths, I can’t help but think about the last few months and all that I’ve learned.

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Here are 7 things I have learned so far as a mom:

1. Giving birth wasn’t so bad. OK, so it was pretty awful. My natural, drug free, birth plan went out the window as soon as the doctor broke my water! and afterwards I was thinking “No way am I ever doing that again”, but now every time my son smiles at me or I hear his precious laughter I realize that I could totally do it again.

2. I am capable of more love than I ever realized. The love that I have for my son is the unconditional, give-my-life-for-you, endless kind of love that I had read and heard about but never realized truly existed until I became a mother. I would do anything for him. Seriously, don’t mess with my child or you will see my crazy come out!

3. Babies’ fingernails could be classified as lethal weapons. Seriously, they grow so fast! It seems like I clip them and then just a few hours later they are back again. They are sharper than they look and one good swipe is enough to draw blood. I never realized that moms had to constantly be on guard watching out for their baby’s monster claws! Clipping them is just as dangerous as leaving them long and I feel like a terrible mother every time I clip too short.

4. Strollers are impossible to maneuver. Ugh. They really are impossible. Put me on a straight, paved path and every thing’s good, but forget about it in a store or crowded area: I will be knocking items off the shelves and running over people’s feet. After five months of practice it hasn’t gotten any easier and I’ve come to rely on baby wearing any where we go.

5. Babies are gross. They are truly disgusting. Stuff oozes out of all of their orifices making it impossible to keep them clean. I have been peed on, thrown up on, and spit on. There’s never a shortage of boogers and my son can fart like a grown man. It’s a good thing they’re so cute!

mother's day6. I am a professional grade photographer. Well instagram makes me think I am. Being a mother has brought to my attention that I have mad photography skills. It is a talent I never realized I had. I am always ready to snap a picture at a moment’s notice and when a prime photo op presents itself, I can snap 10 pictures from every possible angle in under a minute (Sorry Facebook friends). There is something about being a mother that gives us instant camera skills.

7. Being a mother is the best job in the world. No matter how tired or overwhelmed I may be feeling, I would still rather be my son’s mom than anyone else in the world. Motherhood may very well be the hardest job in the world, and requires a lot of effort and patience, but you get back everything you put in tenfold. Best. Job. Ever.

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