5 Things, She Wants Her Kids to Know

5 things - while they sleep

10 things for this, 9 things for that, my top 5 list for XYZ.  I have been seeing lists EVERYWHERE for pretty much everything; I am going to share with you now my list which I don’t share with people, period! 

I don’t share it with my family, I don’t share it with my friends.  I keep this list close to my heart and always on my mind for my kids. 

Today though, I am taking a chance on you, our readers, because maybe this post will help you.

1. Understand Your Expectations

    • My first job in High School was at a restaurant not far from where I lived.  I was used to my parents driving me places if I had to go by myself.  My first early morning shift, on a Sunday, I went to wake my dad up to drive me to work; HE FLIPPED OUT OF ME!  I got an ear full the entire 5 minute drive.  After that I was afraid to ask my parents for a ride.
    • Moral of this story?  When you are setting out to do anything in life, make sure you understand what your expectations are as well as those whom may play a part. 

2. Call me, I will come get you

    • After the ass chewing I received from my father, I was too afraid to ask my parents for a ride.  One day I attended a camp for the Color Guard at a school in another city.  I had a ride there but did not have a ride home.  I was too embarrassed to ask my friends for a ride, AGAIN, that I made friends with someone from the camp.  When he was driving me home, he pulled over to a park.  I felt obligated to make-out with him because he was giving me a ride home.  Doing this was a great disservice to me and to him.  He thought I liked him, I felt sick the entire time we made-out.
    • Moral of this story?  Call me, I will come get you.  I don’t ever want you in a position that you are uncomfortable with because you are stuck somewhere without a ride. 
    • Additional moral?  Respect yourself and the people who might like you.  If you have genuine interest, sure, make-out.  If you are trying to get something from someone, DON’T DO IT!  It cheapens the relationship you have with the people around you.  Plus, if you are anything like me, it will make you sick.

3. No means No, whether you are FEMALE or MALE.

    • I recently had a conversation with some men in my life, they were both raped when they were younger.  Something that I have only told less than a handful of people is that I too was raped.  When I was in my early 20’s I was at a party with some friends.  We all had too much to drink and crashed out at the house.  I was so drunk that I was pretty much just a lump on the floor.  During the night, the host of the party laid down next to me and started kissing me.  I was barely conscious but I remember repeatedly telling him to stop.  He told me to just relax and that “it’s fine”.  This is something that lives with me but I have never let define me.  Turns out, the two men I talked with recently had similar situations. 
    • Moral of this story?  Drunk or sober, male or female, NO MEANS NO! Women rape men too.

4. I will listen to you when you need to talk

    • The last nugget that I have never shared.  I sat by myself, with a razor, contemplating my existence and whether or not I should be here any longer.  My relationship with my husband was crap, I hated my job, I felt crazy.  I wanted a way out.  Thankfully, I have an AMAZING relationship with my sister.  Had it not been for her love and my love for her, I would not be here any longer.  I opened up about my feelings and sought help. 
    • Moral of this story?  I love you, my babies, SOOOOOOOO MUCH.  My world hurts when you hurt, my heart aches when you ache.  I will say something to you if I notice something seems to be wrong.  Please, please, please know that I will listen to you anytime you need to talk.  I will lay on the bed with you.  I will lay on a bathroom floor with you.  I will sit in a car, restaurant, plane, train, or on the phone with you.  I love you.

5. Trust your gut

    • For years I kept thinking something was wrong with me.  I kept going to the doctor and was worried that I had become a hypochondriac.  Finally, my doctor betrayed my confidence so I moved to a new doctor.  My new doctor confirmed that I needed to be on medication and that all the symptoms I had been experiencing could be helped had I just taken meds.  BOOM!
    • Moral of this story?  If you think something is wrong, trust your gut.  You know if you are not feeling right.  You know is something is wrong with your body.  Change doctors if you must, but always trust your gut.

That’s all for now.  I have so much more to share but I think these 5 will do for now.

With Love,

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