“5 Gotcha’s of Money” Labor Day Special

by: Francielle Daly 

Do you believe its important to understand your Money?

Are we wasting our hard earned money or educated to build wealth?

greig1Melanie Jane Nicolas our featured guest speaker, on Full Time Mom Radio, is one of the most exciting and sought-out speakers in North America, Melanie Jane Nicolas has committed her life to teaching parents and their children to utilize her proven wealth-creation systems to raise wealthy kids and create the first financially responsible generation. Melanie Jane’s highly innovative techniques and strategies show how to raise our children to be future leaders.

Melanie Jane reveals these fast-track wealth strategies in programs such as The KWIC® Money Smart Camps, The KWIC® Mini-Camps, The KWIC® Business Building Camps, and The WOW – World of Wealth™ Game.
Renowned for her passion for and total commitment to the children and parents she teaches, Melanie Jane seizes every opportunity to demonstrate the power of her teachings, teachings she herself lives by with her four children each and every day. These are the same wealth principles taught to thousands of children who are living happy, healthy and wealthy lives. Melanie Jane is now living her life purpose of being a great servant of God, a wonderful mother and a passionate mentor.
Melanie Jane is the founder and CEO of Kids Wealth International Club (KWIC®), where she helps your kids get rich in a fun way, and APPEAR — the Association of Proud Parents Educating About RichesTM, where she partners with parents around the world to clear the FOG – the Financial Overwhelm GenerationTM. 
The 5 Gotcha’s of money shared on today’s radio show are :
1. Losses
2. Healthcare
4. Taxes
5. Procrastination



Understanding the 5 areas to watch out for when earning money and investing it is not only important for you but also your family. As mom’s our priorities are our families, our kiddos, Right? So why not understand and be able to choose powerfully when it comes to life insurance and other options for investing. One thought that came to mind was, we would get insurance for our cars, our iPads, Phones, etc., well, why not invest our hard earned cash in ourselves, life insurance, so that our families are protected and taken care of, if God forbid , something was to happen to us.
Of course there was not enough time to discuss everything in detail on our radio show so with that said, we have an event this Friday, Money Smart Families. I will be there and with my daughter! It’s going to be family friendly and FUN!
For all the details and to register click below!

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