15 Minutes in My World

imperfectThe moment you hear one of the rooms doors shut and then there is silence… yup, that’s when you know your kids is up to something.

My hubby goes to check on my daughter and well… the door gets stuck… one of the drawers is open and our 20-month-old has no idea what close the drawer means, so my hubby grabs a stick to try and close the drawer thru a tiny crack and of course on the other side farthest from the door is a small box that is caught so the drawer won’t close!!!!

Now you have my daughter yelling, MOMMY MOMMY, because she hears us all telling her to close the drawer and she’s unsure what to do.  The oldest is doing homework and well needs me to do homework with her and I’m trying to support my husband in opening the door and getting our hands thru the little crack to get rid of the box, a thought runs thru my mind…. THANK God the 2 month old is sleeping or this would be way too much to handle!

Oh yes, the adventures of homework… I truly can laugh about this now and at the moment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rip my hair out or have a good laugh…. but I couldn’t laugh because the look on my husband face was a little stressful looking and I guess adding to that fire wouldn’t be a good idea.. so yes the drawer finally closed after we told our daughter to take everything out of the drawer… go ahead play with and take out everything so with the stick my husband had he could finally get the drawer closed and the door could finally open and we could get our daughter to stop screaming… and I could get back to assisting my oldest with homework time.

So, YES, after 15 minutes of this exciting event, the drawer got shut and the door was opened. First thing our daughter does is ran to give me a big hug and asks for ELMO!!!!! ugh!!!! and my husband was able to get back to work… and yes my oldest got me back to help her finish her homework.

Then….my husband was able to get back to work… and yes my oldest got me back to help her finish her homework.

So….there you have it 15 minutes in the world of a full time mom named Francielle! lol

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