12 Reasons why I am thankful.

Thanksgiving is the time of year to reflect on the things in our lives that we are grateful for.  It doesn’t have to be November for me to be thankful.  I have things that I appreciate during all 12 months of the year.

In January, I am thankful for my family. When the weather outside is frightful, I cuddle with my kids under a blanket and watch a movie.  I enjoy a home cooked meal, courtesy of my mom! My husband keeps me warm in bed.  It’s the little things that make life sweet. thankful2

Speaking of sweet, in February, I am thankful for my husband, who is my sweetheart, and the birthday of my sassy, smart, adorable daughter!

In March, I am grateful for the birthday of my son.  He is the cutest and most lovable baby. I can’t imagine my life without him.  This year March is double the fun because his birthday is on Easter Sunday. 

In April I appreciate the appearance of spring. As they say, April showers bring May flowers.

In May I’m thankful for my mother.  She is truly the best mother in the world. From babysitting, to cooking dinner, buying goodies for my kids, and being a sense of support. She is always there for me. I am very blessed.

In June, I’m grateful for summer’s arrival in June. I love the sunshine and warm weather.

I appreciate living in the great U.S.A. in July. It is a wonderful country to live in, especially now with what’s going on in our country. 

In August, I’m thankful for the beginning of the school year in August. My daughter has a place to go to learn and grow.

September brings Fall. I welcome the color changes in the leaves and them falling off the trees. It reminds me that change is inevitable.

thankfulIn October, I’m grateful for the kind people who give out candy to my daughter and all the other children on Halloween. The tradition lives on because of them. 

This brings me to November. I’m glad that we are able to cook a variety of food to eat on Thanksgiving. There are so many people who are hungry and homeless.  I feel fortunate. 

December is the time of Christmas. I appreciate all those who work retail. They put up with the crazy shoppers. It’s because of them that there are gifts under the tree.

I’m lucky to have all I do. I don’t wait until thanksgiving to say it. Every day is a day to give thanks!

  • Erica Coghlan

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