10 Things Every Working Mom

Needs to Hear [part 1]

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I’m really excited about this two-part series on the blog starting today called, “10 Things Every Working Mom Needs to Hear”.

1. We must find our own rhythm.

What works for others may not work for you.

This was a hard lesson to learn when I first started back to work.

I tried going to a boot camp very early in the morning because it was what a lot of working moms I knew were doing to get in their exercise. But I am not a morning person and I found each morning I went to boot camp left me feeling very rushed, flustered and exhausted before the day began.

So, as hard as it was to quit…I did. And I’ve found other ways to get in exercise like taking walks or doing short videos at home. While this might not be the BEST workout possible…it’s helping me find my rhythm.

2. Guilt is a tool not a resource.

Let me explain.

As a working mom time is often very short. There are only a few quality hours I get to spend with my girls. Its very easy to let guilt drive my responses and reactions towards my kids and their behavior. I found myself “giving in” a lot more times than I should and it led to some unhealthy behavior in one of our daughters.

But I have learned that guilt is a tool the enemy of our souls uses to distract, discourage and deplete us as followers of Jesus. Guilt can so easily become our resource for the way we react. But as we learn to identify the guilt, we can more easily not allow it to control reactions.

3. Rest is vital.

Working mom or not, it is very easy to go, go and go. But a few months ago I listened to this message  by Pastor Robert Morris. It challenged me and changed me.

After I let that message soak in, I’ve never thought of rest the same.

4. Planning is the power.

For everything.

But in our house especially meal planning.

I’m about to confess something to you… so no judging ok? :)

The first month I went back to work I could not figure out where on earth my entire paycheck went for that month.

Since life was busy, I knew we had spent a little more on eating out. But I was not prepared for what my husband showed me.

He sat down and added up every penny we had spent on groceries and eating out. Are you ready for this? Our budget had gone from around $800/month to OVER $1400 for the month.

I’ll wait while you gasp. I did too.

I KNEW that we had to do something. That Sunday night I sat down and created a meal plan for the entire week. This helped a lot.

But this area is still a little bumpy for me so if you have ideas, I’d love to hear them.

5. Be willing to say, “I need help.”

I thought when I started working more that I would be able to do everything I normally did. Laundry, kids, cleaning, cooking, writing, speaking… all of it.

But I very quickly found myself sinking.

I talked to my husband and shared with him that something had to change very quickly.

We spent some time looking through our budget and found a few ways to help like getting a babysitter when I need some extra time or hiring someone to help with a few things around the house.

That’s it for part one of this series…I’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts. I love learning from other women and hearing what works for YOU. Leave a comment and come back Monday for the rest! :) 

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